Profitable Online Home Based Business Ideas and the Recession - A Message to Men

Saturday, November 17, 2012

We are living in a time of great turmoil, both financially and politically. At the same time we are witnessing a business and economic shift with tremendous opportunities the likes of which mankind has never witnessed before. We live in the greatest country in the history of man, with more opportunity than ever before. Yet so many people are failing in life. I believe it's time for men to stand up and just be men.

I don't mean to offend anyone. As I stated in an earlier article, I will always tell you the truth. Sometimes it may be hard to take but the truth is still the truth. I believe we are living in a day when men really don't know what it truly means to be a man. And I know what you are thinking; what does this subject have to do with a business opportunity? In reality it has everything to do with it. From my heart in all truth, I want you to be a success. That's why I want to give substance and good content in my articles. What good are tips and advice if the person receiving it cannot apply it in their lives? That's right, it's worthless. So if you desire to build a successful and profitable online home based business, apply what's in this article to your life too.

I don't want to speak to women at this time, and maybe I'm not qualified to do that. So at this time I will just speak to you men. If you're a man you're a leader. You may not be married and you may not have kids, but you can lead yourself. And at some point in your life someone will follow you. How are you leading? If you are really serious about building or creating an in-home online business at some point someone is going to be following you. We are not taught in school to be a leader. We are told to follow the rules, do what we are told and shut up! And I'm not advocating rebelliousness either. Schools are just not teaching children how to think for themselves. It's in a man's nature to be somewhat aggressive. That's just the way God made us. He didn't create us to be tyrants or mean but the leader of our home and lives. That very thing is being sucked out of men in our society. All over the media today men are portrayed as wimps, stupid, losers etc. No wonder men are afraid to make a decision, to step out and be a leader.

Real men are kind, gentle and understanding. But they can be the dominate aggressor if need be. When you observe top business leaders they are not afraid to make a decision. They are not afraid to lead. I do know this from experience, women don't want to be married to a tyrant, but they don't want to be married to a wimp either. I have observed that women who are married to a wimp will grow to despise those men. I believe that deep down in the heart of a woman, she really does want to be married to a man who is a leader, a man who will take action and make something happen to make their lives better. A woman wants a man who is strong but kind and understanding.

We are not taught to be this kind of man today. But I believe we can be. As men, we can change. Fix in your mind the kind of man you want to be and think about it all day long. Write down on paper the things you want in your character and read it out loud to yourself every day. Speak positive things to yourself every day. Some of you will think I'm crazy, but it does work. This has worked for many people and it has worked for me too. When the mind hears the mouth speak on a regular basis, soon it will believe what it hears and things will change in your life. Apply these principals to your business life as well. Do you want your own online home based internet business? Then visualize it and think about it all the time. Take action to make it happen. Refuse to allow fear to control and rule your life! You conquer fear by doing the thing you fear over and over again until the fear is no longer there.

You can change. You can overcome. You can be the leader you have dreamed of becoming. I was just like everyone else at one point in my life. But I didn't like who I was and I took the steps to change what I didn't like. I'm nobody special, so I know that if I can do it you can too.