5 Reason To Get Started In Online Business VS. Traditional Business

Saturday, November 17, 2012

It is so much easier to have and run a business today then it was 60+ years ago. The Internet has opened a whole new level of business opportunity. There is millions and millions of dollar circulating online no matter where you would go, ex: ebay, google, amazon...etc. Today you don't need so much computer skills or programming skills to make money online. You could either pay some one to make you a professional website (under $1000) or just buy one online, it's that simple. Where as 60+ years ago your parents had to have 100 thousands of dollars so you could start your own business or you parents had to pass their business to you. So in this page I'll demonstrate why making money online is much more simple and show the 5 Main reasons and advantages of making money online then the traditional industry style.

Presented by: Eugene from [http://www.onlinebusinesscircuit.com]

1. Investing less money Today internet has given us a huge advantage compared to 60+ years ago. First of all the advantage to access millions and millions of information, it's endless. And mainly it has given us the advantage to make money. People make money online everyday and you wouldn't even realize how until you find the right system. The great thing about making money online is that it give an opportunity to make money for normal and average people that have enough money for a living. Any one could start an online business. It just takes that first step. There is no need to invest $100,000's to have a huge success. Where as in earlier times, people needed huge amounts of money to start any business so that's why people never tried making more money then they had already. They didn't have enough money to invest so it was very hard for them to start a business unless they've came up with a 5 billion dollar idea. All that is gone today. Normal people go to college and you wouldn't even believe how much money they make online while sitting with their laptops between class periods. Today you don't need so called "business Partners" to rip you off. You do everything on your own because it's easy to manage. I will mention that first you'll need to get introduced to they program that you'll be making money with. So the first advantage I picked in online business is "Investing less money," that gives the flexibility and a chance for everyone to make thousands every month.

2.No Hassle The second advantage in online business is obviously there is less hassle then the normal types of industrial businesses. You wake up in the morning and there's no need to run around to get all the supplies for you store or your production company. Everything is controlled with your finger tips on your computer. Every supply is available online. No need to make 1 million phone calls a day. You focus on what you need. There's no such thing as making interviews for a job. So this already eliminates you from hassle that lot of business people face and fail on daily. And more to add to this, you don't have workers to pay. Nobody runs after you to get checks from you. You don't owe no one anything they owe you, that's how online business is. And finally you do not need to buy $100,000 tools for your business. In the normal type of business weather you would run a pizza place, auto mechanic shop, smog shop, gas station...etc. you'll need to buy expensive tools for your business. Forget about paying others so much money, it's time for everyone else to pay you. Do not kill yourself trying so hard to make your business work, take the easy way "online business."

2. Easy management Online Business makes management easy. You are the BOSS! You are the Secretary, President, vice president, editor...etc. Everything is control by you. Whatever you choose you get it. And everything is control in you computer. No special college courses or programs necessary. One of my favorite things about online business is that you do not need to hire any workers. You don't need to waste your energy on hiring them, bossing them around, and the then firing them. Instead focus on how you could get more money online. There is no such thing as ware house or stores in online business. No managers, no workers and no $100,000 machines and tools. And most importantly no complaining for picky customers. It's that much easier then traditional business. Everything is controlled from your computer.

4.Flexibility Online business gives you options, styles, and more then 100's and 1000's of ways to make money. You are flexible. In traditional business if you want to open a pizza place you'll need to open your store in more populated areas so you would have more customers. That doesn't happen in online business. People will pay you from all over the world. So forget about finding the right corner or the right street so you could get lots of customers. Second, you are free to choose any type of online business you would like. There is literarily 100's of categories to make money online. Let it be sports, cars, computers, music you name it, money will come at you from all directions. People are happy to have online business' because they spend could time with their family and kids more. College students manage to study and at the same time run an online business. So they have enough money for paying for their classes and getting much more on top to spend and/invest. Sky is the limit, you may run more then one online business at a time. It's much more easier to manage then the normal type of business.

5. Save Time NO hassle, easy management, and flexibility will give you one more advantage, which is saving time. You'll realize how good it feels to have free time because most online business require not more then 3 hours a day depending on the business type you're in. Imagine having a business and you don't need to run from place to place. Online businesses give the advantage of saving time. Once you have more time most people put it on their business and try to figure out more ways to get money online. Have some time for your family, friends and/or loved ones and still get the money you desire.

Simple Home Business Ideas to Make Extra Money

Do you need a simple home based business idea that will not take a lot of special training or money to start? You may think that starting your own business will take some special skills, thousands of dollars, and years of startup costs to start. But the truth is that you can get many businesses started within days, and many do not require intense training or special equipment. Here are some ideas for you to consider right away.

Mobile Services

Many people are making a good living by bringing services by people who need them. Their customers may be very busy, so they are willing to pay for convenience. Some customers of mobile services are older or disabled, and they are unable to travel much.

Carpet Cleaning Business - All you need is a carpet cleaner, and you can purchase one for a few hundred dollars. One enterprising man takes his supplies to apartment complexes for older people. He charges a very modest fee because he knows these people are on fixed incomes. But since the complex has hundreds of residents, and since each apartment is fairly small, he can perform a lot of services in one day.

This man charges $15 - $20 an apartment, depending upon the amount of bedrooms. He can cover about 10 customers a day. Even after he pays for his cleaning supplies, he still has a nice profit for his work. And his services are very appreciated by the older people who would not be able to go out an rent a heavy machine.

To promote his business, he got permission of the building management to put signs up on the cork board in the hallway. He leaves his cell phone number so he can book appointments for the day, and every time he makes a stop, he usually gets enough business to last for several days.

Mobile Notary - A notary pubic acts as a witness for business documents. Many mobile notary services only serve commercial clients. State requirements vary, but can usually be completed with a short training class and an application. Even with training, the application fee, bonding, E&O insurance, etc., a person can get into this profession by spending a little more than $100 in many states.

Dog Walking - Busy professionals really do hire people to walk their dogs, especially in larger cities. I knew a woman who started a dog walking business for her neighbors in an urban neighborhood. Her business boomed, and she ended up hiring employees so she could just spend her time scheduling appointments and running her business.

BookKeeping - If you can learn one of the common accounting packages and take a short an inexpensive bookkeeping class, you could start a home bookkeeping business. Many small businesses are willing to hire outside firms to handle the details of tracking their income and expenses. I have found some online classes that take a few weeks to complete. If you already have some experience, you may just need to make sure you know how to use popular software for your clients.

Give Rides - So many families have 2 working parents these days. A lot of them would pay for a reliable service to ferry kids to the orthodontist or grandma to the eye doctor. It is worth it for them to stay on the job and pay somebody else to perform some taxi duties. You need to make sure you have good auto insurance. Word of mouth, or a community newsletter would probably bring you some clients.

Are you ready to start a home business?

I just gave you four ideas, but I am sure that you can come up with more of your own. It seems like almost every task that people have to do also provides an opportunity for starting a service to help people out.

Lucrative Home Business Ideas

If you have finally made up your mind to initiate a home based business, then you need home based business ideas that will give you easy money. This might sound a bit weird however if you want to know more read on. There are several strategies and the competition is he. In this article you can discover internet home business ideas that never fail. There are just too many home based business ideas that will help you earn good money.

However, you must remember a single point, without a full planned strategy you can never make it a winning plan. There are several people all over the world entering the world of home based business and making it work. Several such entrepreneurs are from different backgrounds but then they might be in similar online business and making it work. And if you wish to join the list of successful online business owners here are two things you must keep in mind.

In the very first place it is necessary to search among the most awarding work from home business ideas that the one that is apt for you. There are several internet home based business ideas and options you would like to avail however there are only a few that will suit you.

Besides, bear it is mind that you will be working at the comfort of your home. It is all on you to maintain your time and get along with the home business and fix up the income level you wish to incur. Thus, to emerge successful you must establish a community either local or online that will help you to advertise your home based business. You can even take part in home based business ideas discussions and participate in forums.

Find an expert to help you in your online home business. If you do not get any help locally you can try online, there are several already successful internet based home business opportunities tried and tested. There are experts already in the business for several years for e.g. six to seven years, or you can even consult with people already successful in home business. They are of great help.

Internet offers you a myriad of home internet based business ideas which can bring you several dollars every month. You can try affiliate marketing, web designing, data entry, virtual assistant, remote help and web content writing. However, to emerge successful you need to collect enough data on online home based business ideas you are pursuing and make sure you are abreast of every update that emerges now and then related to it.

Before you start working towards the home based business check every aspect. Right from the financial deals, to your home internet based ideas strategy, working hours, your strategy plan and other significant things. Earning online is now easy however it is not impossible as well. There are several people out there making great money with good internet based home business options. All you require is great patience and the will to make some good money. So, go on and start earning.

Good Business Ideas - Are They Right For You?

The huge potential of the Internet has resulted in many good business ideas springing up so that you can work from home and find success, but are they right for you?.

This article explores just some of the opportunities available and the type of person best suited to take advantage of them.

1) There are many Great Business Ideas out there and they are not restricted to high street companies but if you are looking for new customers and have an existing business then the Internet is a great way to find them and discover new markets. You will need A certain level of PC skills, a well designed and appealing website plus sound marketing ability to maximise the opportunity and generate traffic. If you don't have the time or the skills then you can outsource these tasks while maintaining the business as it is but of course this will impact on your profits.

This option is ideal for someone who enjoys the day to day interaction with employees and customers while at the same time expanding the business with new worldwide markets. If you have a service or a product to offer and can do so on a global basis then this could be right for you.

2) Good business ideas come in many forms but this option is maybe one of the best home business ideas and is the Holy Grail for a lot of people and that is to become an Internet Marketer and work from home full time. This demands a quality website, PC and marketing skills plus a certain mindset to make it work for you.

For this option you must have the ability to work on your own for long periods without contact from the outside world. You will also need a dedicated work area at home which is free from distractions plus the focus to keep to a daily discipline of work just as though you were doing a regular job.

3) You may already have a website but are struggling to make a living working from home, selling products or services. You may be able to shift your focus to affiliate marketing. This means you are acting as an agent if you like and are driving traffic to someone else's website and when the visitor takes action and makes a purchase then you get paid with a percentage of that payment.

This option can be an ideal situation for someone who enjoys working from home, already has marketing skills and is able to generate traffic but doesn't have an effective website of their own.

The options listed in this article are just a small sample of good business ideas to help you to work from home and there are many more out there, you only have to decide which one will suit you best.

Start-Up Home Business Ideas

Start-up home business ideas are essentially unlimited right now. What was at one time feasible for individuals specifically considering multi-level marketing or envelope stuffing, has at this point, converted into an enormous industry employing thousands of opportunities. These days, many people are not merely surviving from working a start-up home business, but they are flourishing! The reason behind this really is mainly due to the existence of the internet. It has opened up the gates to a lot of possibilities, in several ways. A home based business can very well be established greater and faster because of the world wide web and it's abilities.

For those who have a computer and an unused part of a room, you have got the possibility for your own professional office at home and a location to operate your own work from home business. But exactly what are you going to do? When you're finished with researching the numerous and many different start-up home business ideas out there, it typically will come down to the following: exactly what do you get pleasure from doing? Precisely what products are you knowledgeable about and might you promote with excitement? exactly what services will you be capable of presenting with a great degree of expertise? Many people have turned their particular hobbies directly to significant online mail order success. This can include things like nutritional products, craft businesses, or marketing products and services that you simply love and understand perfectly.

Additionally, there are individuals that might not have a professional ability or craft to choose. But, these people get pleasure from working with others. Perhaps a direct sales start-up home business would work for you. You will find hundreds, if not thousands, of these to consider. So, decide on one that includes a product or service that you absolutely enjoy. Utilizing the internet as your assistant, you have the ability to deal with business partners all over the world.

Provided that you are most likely seeking a start-up home business for income motives, you certainly need to take into consideration the expenses required to begin and the financial commitments after you get it running. What's the financial risk / investment? The more you need to invest the greater the opportunity you might have for achieving wealth. On the other hand, a few of the minimum investment options, by means of working hard and team building, may also turn out to be gold mines.

Another resourceful thought may be this. In the event you presently have got a career with an offline business, have you seriously considered talking over with your employer, the notion of working your present job at home? A lot of companies are now doing this to be able to reduce expenses, in a number of ways. You may be surprised to discover the answer you get. Working from home, at your present position can save you on gasoline as well as the related hassles of traveling and commuting.

No matter what your current goals and desires are, for a start-up home business or opportunity working from home, they more than likely can be a reality now, on the internet. Seek out information, consult with people that have experience, and get moving right now. It is an outstanding time for you to start!

Business Education on Entrepreneurial Mindset - A Wealth of Ideas and Traits

It takes a personal coach to see you as the small home online business owner with such big ideas, and it takes a course in business education for you to see yourself in the same light. Personal coaching helps you mirror and confirm your private thoughts and business ideas into something more concrete and tangible, thanks to someone who knows and believes in you. Your mentor has the authority and credibility to guide you through your process of refining and redefining your ideas. Sometimes, you have such a wealth of ideas, and you only need a certain amount of prodding to redirect your energies towards integrating them.

Business education is truly the key which integrates the wealth of ideas and experiences you have gained as a person. It transforms them into useful input for your online business, such that nothing is ever wasted out of your life experiences. You only have to learn a new approach towards business, and this is what you often hear of as entrepreneurial mindset.

It has taken guts and determination to free your self from a life of so-called job security and embark on the adventure of self-employment with all its risks and uncertainties. As they say, "No guts, no glory." A life of self-employment becomes one of gainful freedom when you exercise forward thinking. In this case, a sense of personal freedom and quality time with family takes precedence over a steady yet unfulfilling career. You are willing to give up what is trivial in exchange for something much more important. That is one trait which characterizes a person with entrepreneurial mindset.

It is this same foresight which makes you humble enough to accept that yes, you do have a problem with certain areas of online home business and yes, you do need professional help in order to solve them. For a home-based entrepreneur to learn the most and gain the best benefits of an online business, he has to learn from another entrepreneur who has made it in the business as an internet marketer. Here is someone with good decision-making abilities and problem-solving skills in matters of online business.

Another trait of individuals with entrepreneurial mindset is that they do not miss out on opportunities because they recognize these once-in-a-lifetime chances quickly and promptly. No opportunity will exactly be the same, and you have to treat each one uniquely. You also have to respond to them immediately and act on them in a timely manner. Internet viewers are such a busy, fickle audience and marketing trends are ever-changing that you can hardly hold their attention for long. You simply have to grab the opportunity and make the most of it when it comes your way. A personal coach helps you be prepared and equipped for that particular moment.

Entrepreneurs and internet marketers with an entrepreneurial mindset love challenges. They constantly strive to outdo themselves, and they engage in healthy competition with others. They are ready to challenge beliefs which are outdated and ineffective so as to come up with new standards which are updated and applicable.

Business Idea: Online Marketing Services as a Work-From-Home Opportunity

Offering online marketing services is certainly an opportunity to consider if you are interested in starting an internet business that will enable you to work from home. Internet business is booming, no doubt, and there are many people venturing into e-business who haven't a clue how to go about marketing on the internet. Online marketing services are not exclusive to e-business; they can also be beneficial to brick-and-mortar type retail or wholesale companies. Thus, there are many different target audiences to choose from when offering online marketing services. This enables you to identify and pursue a niche market.

There are a few things to do before launching an online marketing services company:

1. Familiarize yourself with online marketing services

2. Conduct market research to identify a niche market

3. Decide which online marketing services you will offer

4. Become an expert

The next phase of launching your online marketing services company involves:

1. Preparing your business plan and marketing plan

2. Developing your policies and service procedures

3. Marketing your online marketing services

4. Providing exceptional customer service

5. Building a base of repeat customers and referrals for your online marketing services

With the internet, it is easy to review online marketing services and to find out about your competition. A competitive analysis is essential to differentiating and positioning your online marketing services company. In your review of online marketing services, you will get some great ideas about what services you can offer and how to professionally present them.

Market research is the key to identifying a niche market to target for your online marketing services company. For instance, you may market your services only to attorneys, only to wholesale grocers, only to work-from-home moms, etc. With an online marketing services company, truly the world is your playground. However, by narrowing the scope of your target market by finding a niche to market to, you're advertising will have a stronger impact as you can become known as an expert in online marketing services for whatever field or niche you choose to market to.

Once you have reviewed other online marketing services, analyzed your competition, and identified your target market, you are ready to decide which online marketing services you wish to offer. This is another opportunity to define a niche. For instance, you may offer only pay-per-click management services and you can position yourself as an expert in that area which can be credible if that is the only service you offer. You can also offer a whole menu of online marketing services with various mixes in package deals which can be appealing to clients.

Whichever online marketing services you choose to offer, if you are presenting yourself as an expert, make absolutely sure that you are one before you take on your first customer. The reputation of your online marketing services is at stake. If you present yourself as an expert in search engine optimization for instance, and you cannot achieve good ranking for your clients, your credibility will be lost and this can frequently result in your reputation being ruined via discussions about your company through online marketing and business forums.

Preparing your business plan and marketing plan should be a first-step before you launch your online marketing services business. Writing a business plan just makes sense because it helps you to put your ideas down on paper, to set your goals, to think through issues and to define your budget. Your marketing plan is equally important as it will serve to keep you focused on the important aspects of your online marketing services business. For suggestions about what should be included in a business plan and marketing plan, visit the website for the Small Business Administration . There you will find excellent guidance for business planning.

Policies and service procedures are important for two reasons. One, to protect your business; and two, to ensure that you provide excellent service to your customers and that they understand up front what your services entail. When marketing your online marketing services business online, you should at a minimum have a terms-of-use policy and a privacy policy. Through your terms of use, it is a good idea to disclose your policy regarding refund requests or your service guarantees as well as any limitations to your service.

Taking customer service a step further, your service policies will govern how you do business. Your systems will enable you to provide the services. Starting out, you don't necessarily need anything fancy, but as your company grows, automating some of your sales and service features is a good idea. An example of an automated customer service tool is an autoresponder that confirms you have received an order. Repeat customers will come to you if you offer excellent online marketing services.

It is easier to retain a customer than to get a new one, so always keep that in mind when working with your customers. Happy customers are also extremely valuable to an online marketing services company because they will refer you to their friends and associates. To encourage referrals, you may offer your customers some type of incentive (like a 10% discount) if they refer a new, buying client to you.

Internet Home Business Opportunity

Internet Home Business Opportunity Provides Empty-Nesters With Online Learning And Earning

When the kids were in high school and college, you probably heard tales of one internet home business opportunity after another. "Hey, Mom. Jimmy made a really cool app for his cell phone and now he's making a ton of money online." Or "Skylar's writing articles for some online article directory and the owner of Joey's Sub Shop down the street is paying her to do it for him." If you're like most parents, all of that techy teenage talk probably went in one ear and out the other. Those are just not the kinds of "jobs" most parents had when they were teenagers. But now that your kids are all out on their own, perhaps it's time to fill your home with some new online learning and earning of your own. Here are three ideas for working online that you might want to consider:

Internet Home Business Opportunity #1: Getting paid to write articles for online article services.

If you like to write, and you're willing to learn a little bit about "keywords" and how to "search engine optimize" online articles for buyers, then this internet home business opportunity might be a good option for you. Online article services allow buyers to post requests for articles they want written for their own businesses or for those of their clients. Writers can view those requests online, accept an assignment, write the article, and be credited with payment sometimes within a few hours. You can sign up to get paid online weekly, bi-weekly or monthly, depending on the particular online writing service. You won't make a fortune doing this, as writers earn from around $2.00 to $10.00 per article, but you'll soon hone you're writing skills as a production writer. In the long-run, however, that will make the following opportunity far more profitable for you.

Internet Home Business Opportunity #2: Writing articles promoting online products and earning commissions when those products sell.

This internet home business opportunity is called affiliate marketing and can be very profitable. You write an article containing keywords that people search for online. (Keywords are the words you type into search bars to find what you're looking for online). Next, you post the article in an online article directory, a free online blog you set up, or on a low-cost website or blog you own. You add a link in your article or author's box to a page where that product is sold by someone willing to pay you an affiliate commission. Then, if a buyer reads your article, clicks on your link, and buys a product, you'll receive a commission for that sale. You'll probably need to sign up for an online course, a few newsletters from the pros or find an online mentor to teach you the basics, but this can be a low-cost, easy entry field that could provide you with considerable income over time.

Internet Home Business Opportunity #3: Getting paid by local mom and pop businesses to market their companies online.

You'll use many of the same basic skills you learned and used for the first two examples in this internet home business opportunity. This time, however, if you don't want to do all the work yourself, you can sell your online marketing services for whatever price you and your buyer agree to, then outsource the writing, website creation, video production, and any other marketing services they need, leaving you with a pretty profit and a very happy local client. This is a great business to get into for former scout leaders, band boosters, and soccer moms with plenty of organizing and leadership skills, but without a teenage team to lead anymore.

These are just a few ways in which empty nesters can start over and start learning something new about earning income online. Some of the best, easiest, and most affordable internet home business opportunity ideas are just waiting for you to put them into action. Pick one and get started online today.

Enjoy Direct Daily Payments For Years to Come With These Business Ideas

If you plan to start an online business, there are many options to consider. There are Internet businesses where products are sold from a warehouse or an inventory storage building. There are online businesses that sell information only. There are also online businesses that sell services, but not tangible products. The list of opportunities goes on and on. But which one will bring in direct daily payments to you? Let's explore some home business ideas to see which will be right for you.

What are Direct Daily Payments?

Direct daily payments are payments that come directly to your bank account, PayPal account, or wherever else you might receive payments. The payments come from the customers directly to you instead of through another company's payroll. You will be your own boss and control the money. Realistically with any business, you are not likely to start receiving direct "daily" payments when you first start the business. But with some opportunities, the payments might come rolling in more quickly than you think.

Internet Home Business Offering Tangible Products

An Internet home business that offers tangible products usually involves stocking inventory and shipping products to the customers. You can sell any type of product, from golf supplies to gift baskets to auto parts. The benefits are you can build a business based on your personal interests and build it to a successful -and even very large- operation over time. You can still receive daily money for products once the business is established.

If you don't want the hassle of offering your own products, you can sign on as an affiliate to sell products for others. With affiliate programs, you'll earn a commission every time you refer a new customer when they make a purchase. Affiliate programs can be lucrative, but they also take a while to build. Research carefully before relying on affiliate programs to be sure the companies are stable for long-term earnings.

Service-Oriented Home Business

A service-oriented home business enables you to get paid daily, weekly, or monthly for a service. The service can be anything - writing, web design, web hosting, accounting, transcription, data entry, marketing, and so forth. With a service business, you're paid according to your time and skills, and you don't have to keep any inventory on hand.

Turn Key Internet Home Businesses

A home business that is already set up for you with a website, customer service, and products or services to offer is called a turnkey home business. This type of business usually requires a minimal investment on your part to set up, but you'll be responsible for promoting the business. Some opportunities will even promote for you, but may require a larger initial investment.

A turnkey business allows you to start an Internet home business without all the typical costs involved with startup. You can sign on with a company and reap the benefits of their product or service, their promotional efforts, and training. They do all the legwork for you so it's much easier to get started. Some turnkey businesses do offer products or services or digital products such as e-books while others may be similar to an MLM program. They teach you how to market their business so you can make money daily in a shorter period of time.

To start receiving daily money with a healthy residual income, study these types of online businesses to see which one will fit your time schedule, start-up budget, skills, and interests. If you need a steady income now, choose a home business opportunity with the most potential for earning direct daily payments in the near future.

Easy Home Based Business Ideas

How exactly do you define and then identify easy home based business ideas..? I mean, what exactly makes one home based business idea, easier than another...

Well, one thing is for sure, no matter how hard you search, there really is no such thing as easy money. But there are two specific business opportunities that can be run from home without too much effort - let's take a look...

First up is Network Marketing or MLM as it's otherwise known. Now before you recoil back in horror, network marketing has actually undergone quite a change over the past few years and many may argue convincingly, that it needed to!

You see even a few years ago, anyone who got involved in a networking opportunity would be told...

  1. "Don't worry about leads...you have hundreds just waiting for you to contact them, they're called friends and family..."
  2. "Just bring them along to the weekly meeting...they can't fail to sign-up once they see our presentation..."
  3. And the best one of all..."If in doubt - shout it out" which meant that if you had any thought at all that someone close to you may even slightly be interested, let them have your speech with both barrels!

Needless to say that one would quite quickly become disowned by their entire family and friends as soon as uttering anything to do with MLM, and on the off-chance that someone was either terminally bored or bordering on insane and did volunteer to go to your presentation...they'd likely fall asleep or walk out in embarrassment.

But things change, even network marketing, although not that much of the credit can go to the companies behind the opportunities. Because many networkers have woken up to the Internet and are using it to their massive advantage. They know that a savvy marketer can actually get prospects to pay them to get more information and can actually develop automatic systems churning out hot, targeted prospects actually contacting them, wanting to know more!

Add this to the resources and materials that you would normally have access to from a top networking business, and the ability to make a decent living, from home really does get easier...

So that's the first so-called 'easy home based business idea...what's the second?

How about Affiliate Marketing..?

If you're not sure what affiliate marketing is all about, it's actually quite simple...You see what normally happens is that someone will develop and produce (hopefully...) a high quality 'product'. This product can be physical, but as we're trying to identify easy biz' opps', we'll use the example of an 'informational product' which could be an E-Book of some kind.

The producer should also provide proven and effective marketing resources such as textual and banner advert's as well as some kind of back end facility allowing you (the affiliate) to check on your sales and earnings. You are in effect, a self-employed, commission based salesperson whose job it is to go out and find the targeted visitor traffic desperate for the information contained within the product you are promoting - you get a big slice of the sale without having to do any of the development.

With margins up to 90% in some cases, you can understand why it is one of the most popular home business opportunities online.

Of course, I'm only scratching the surface with either opportunity, and as I said at the start, neither will provide you easy money, but if you are looking for a business idea that really can be run from home, with much of the hard work already done for you, leaving you to simply find the prospects to turn into customers...Network or Affiliate Marketing could and should be top of your list.

Best Home Business Ideas - How to Choose One

When searching for a home business idea you need to be careful because there are so many scams out there you may end up losing a lot of money. There are thousands of so called experts claiming they will make you rich. The truth is there is no get rich quick scheme that works. Even the best home business idea will require some work on your part. But if you are willing to put some elbow grease at it eventually you will succeed.

So what do we need to look into before choosing the right home business idea?

Is this home business idea right for you?

If you are looking at MLM (multi-level marketing) you must be willing to spend a lot of time on the phone. If you are looking to do some Pay per click for affiliate programs, you must be willing to do a lot of keywords research and invest a good amount of money etc... So choose carefully the type of business you feel comfortable doing.

Next What are the costs involved?

You should investigate on the startup costs of any so called home business idea. Starting an online business is very inexpensive compared to an offline business but that does not mean you won't have to spend a few dollars.

- Will you need to build your own website? (can be very expensive if you don't know what you are doing)

- Will you be left alone when the time comes to advertise your business?

- What tools will you need to run your business? (a lot of them are free but a lot of them cost money)

Make sure you investigate this aspect very closely.

Do some research on this Home business idea/opportunity.

Many of the home business ideas and opportunities on the net have some reviews about them, so make sure you do your homework before buying. Don't believe everything you read on the sales page. Of course some opportunities are the real deal, but a lot of them make money by promising you big money and fail to do it.

And at last find a good home business idea and stick to it.

Like I said you will need to work in order for your business to succeed. So work hard on your business and don't try to buy every e-book that comes your way because they have a good sales letter. You will end up with no money and no business. I am not saying to stop learning internet marketing but do your research before buying and concentrate on what you are doing. I had to learn that the hard way.

I was lucky enough to find Stone Evans marketing system. That was it for me. He covers every aspect of an internet business and even provides you with a lot of materials to run your business, even a website. He even provides you with free mentoring from some of the best marketer on his team for free.

Best Regards

Profitable Online Home Based Business Ideas and the Recession - A Message to Men

We are living in a time of great turmoil, both financially and politically. At the same time we are witnessing a business and economic shift with tremendous opportunities the likes of which mankind has never witnessed before. We live in the greatest country in the history of man, with more opportunity than ever before. Yet so many people are failing in life. I believe it's time for men to stand up and just be men.

I don't mean to offend anyone. As I stated in an earlier article, I will always tell you the truth. Sometimes it may be hard to take but the truth is still the truth. I believe we are living in a day when men really don't know what it truly means to be a man. And I know what you are thinking; what does this subject have to do with a business opportunity? In reality it has everything to do with it. From my heart in all truth, I want you to be a success. That's why I want to give substance and good content in my articles. What good are tips and advice if the person receiving it cannot apply it in their lives? That's right, it's worthless. So if you desire to build a successful and profitable online home based business, apply what's in this article to your life too.

I don't want to speak to women at this time, and maybe I'm not qualified to do that. So at this time I will just speak to you men. If you're a man you're a leader. You may not be married and you may not have kids, but you can lead yourself. And at some point in your life someone will follow you. How are you leading? If you are really serious about building or creating an in-home online business at some point someone is going to be following you. We are not taught in school to be a leader. We are told to follow the rules, do what we are told and shut up! And I'm not advocating rebelliousness either. Schools are just not teaching children how to think for themselves. It's in a man's nature to be somewhat aggressive. That's just the way God made us. He didn't create us to be tyrants or mean but the leader of our home and lives. That very thing is being sucked out of men in our society. All over the media today men are portrayed as wimps, stupid, losers etc. No wonder men are afraid to make a decision, to step out and be a leader.

Real men are kind, gentle and understanding. But they can be the dominate aggressor if need be. When you observe top business leaders they are not afraid to make a decision. They are not afraid to lead. I do know this from experience, women don't want to be married to a tyrant, but they don't want to be married to a wimp either. I have observed that women who are married to a wimp will grow to despise those men. I believe that deep down in the heart of a woman, she really does want to be married to a man who is a leader, a man who will take action and make something happen to make their lives better. A woman wants a man who is strong but kind and understanding.

We are not taught to be this kind of man today. But I believe we can be. As men, we can change. Fix in your mind the kind of man you want to be and think about it all day long. Write down on paper the things you want in your character and read it out loud to yourself every day. Speak positive things to yourself every day. Some of you will think I'm crazy, but it does work. This has worked for many people and it has worked for me too. When the mind hears the mouth speak on a regular basis, soon it will believe what it hears and things will change in your life. Apply these principals to your business life as well. Do you want your own online home based internet business? Then visualize it and think about it all the time. Take action to make it happen. Refuse to allow fear to control and rule your life! You conquer fear by doing the thing you fear over and over again until the fear is no longer there.

You can change. You can overcome. You can be the leader you have dreamed of becoming. I was just like everyone else at one point in my life. But I didn't like who I was and I took the steps to change what I didn't like. I'm nobody special, so I know that if I can do it you can too.

Home Based Business Ideas and Information You Can Use

You might be thinking about looking at home based business ideas that are thoroughly inspirational and the ones that could give you a satisfying experience. Here you need to be careful since any laid-back approach on your part can prove to be disastrous for you. In order to avoid any dissatisfaction and regret, you will need to carry out your research and information gathering aptly before choosing an idea or home business opportunity.

Benefits galore:

There are plenty of benefits of running your business from home. You are in a position to plan your work schedule according to your convenience and you can decide on your own pay package. There will not be any need to commute long distance to reach the office.

You will be able to avail a lot of tax benefits which are available for entrepreneurs. Besides, you will derive a great deal of satisfaction since you will come across a lot of challenges.

Be prepared to shoulder responsibilities:

It is not that there are no disadvantages of working from home. You may have to shoulder additional responsibilities, like harmonizing your family life and home business, and then there is the risk of financial losses. Therefore, you will need to be very careful when selecting the ideas for a home business so that you will not have to regret for your choices in the future.

You will need to complete certain procedures before you start your home venture. It is better if you evaluate all the pros and cons of starting a business. Here is the checklist that you should do before taking a plunge into home business arena.

Start counting the money at your disposal:

You will need to arrange a sufficient amount of money to fund the initial stages of the business you are planning to start. The funds should be sufficient to tide you over the difficult period which you might face during the course of your business journey. Do not have high and unrealistic expectations as far as returns in the initial period are concerned.

While giving shape to your ideas for a home business, you will need to consider each and every eventuality. It is not really advisable to quit your regular job, hang on to it for a while until you have created a backup to sustain your living.

Your support system:

You may not be able to give sufficient time to your family, especially in the initial period since you will be in the process of establishing your business. This is the time when you will need the moral support of your family and friends. Make them understand that this particular period is crucial for you and your venture.

Avoid the distractions:

Once you start operating your venture from home, there will be many distractions that may come in the way of your business. You will need to devise some ways and means to stave off these disruptions. Work out a plan to deal with unexpected visitors, trivial household tasks, etc.

Believe in what you are going to sell:

Your faith in your own products and services is essential to market them effectively. Once you are convinced about their utility you will be able to persuade your potential customers to go for them.

Commitment and devotion:

Your loyalty and dedication to what you are going to sell is the key to the success of your home venture. You will need to prepare yourself mentally to give proper profile to the home based business Ideas you have chosen.

The Best Home Business Ideas and Tips to Run Them Smoothly

To make a decision to start a home business is easy, but finding one is a bit more difficult. You can plan and start home business either offline or online. Here is a compilation of some of the best home businesses ideas and opportunities to invest your money, time and energy in.

Off-Line Home Based Business - Running a Home Daycare, pet sitting or pet walking, helping people organize their home and life, professional scrapbooking for others, photography for weddings or families and such other home based business are very interesting and can earn money for you.

On-Line Home Based Business - Selling online via eBay or amazon marketplace, teaching people how to use the internet and other computer related ideas, writing content as well as SEO articles for websites, affiliate marketing, mass emailing, scanning, medical and legal transcriptions and many more such businesses that you can do sitting at home via internet.

MLM Home Based Business - By definition, multi-level marketing or MLM is a marketing strategy by which the marketer is compensated not only for personal sales generated, but also for the sales of the marketer's recruit, thereby, creating a down line of distributors and a tier of several levels of compensation. There are many different MLM companies to choose from.

Choosing the wrong home business ideas and opportunities can be disastrous. Do your research thoroughly before making your choice of what kind of business to open.

Expanding Your Home Business on a Budget:

Now that you have started and established your home based business, you may desire to expand and take your business to higher level. Those who try to expand any business often run into problems with infrastructure, cash flow, and personnel. Though expanding your home business can be difficult, it is possible to expand a business with a minimum amount of problems, so long as care is taken to smooth out the rough spots.

• Upgrade your website and hire some help.

• Sell your business system to others and partner with other small business people.

• Get a secured loan to raise capital and expand into new markets.

• Make extensive use of online advertisements and marketing; and avoid common expansion pitfalls.

If you run headlong into expanding your business without proper planning, you could lose thousands of dollars or even run your home based business into the ground. Carefully plan and execute each phase of your expansion plan to gain new customers while keeping your existing customers happy.

Distinguishing Home Life from Business Life:

It can be disconcerting trying to separate your personal life from your professional life, especially if the boundaries are set within your own home.

• Make border line of priorities between your family or your business and come up with ways that the two do not coincide.

• Use an isolated room to work and separate yourself from your family, constant interaction causes loss of focus.

• Keep a neat and tidy area and restrict your children from touching your work materials.

• If you must, time and regulate the amount of time you spend "in office."

It's understandably difficult to split away from your family, but at the same time it serves no benefit to you to have two conflicting areas of your life converging at one point.

Home Based Internet Business Ideas - Online Business

The internet presents many opportunities for individuals with desires to work from their homes on the internet. The advantages that come from an internet business and online employment are immense and many entrepreneurs have made it conducting their businesses online. However, to succeed, you must put in a lot of effort and determination. Some possible online businesses you should consider the following businesses:

Selling goods on eBay:

The best way to start a business selling goods on eBay is to try making little cash as a hobby and not something you entirely rely on. However, with time, once it proves that it can pay, it can be turned to a fulltime venture.

To sell on eBay, it is best to have an online store with eBay. This will incur a certain charge monthly but it is the surest way to get customers for your merchandise. To conduct a full-time eBay business, you will need to have a stock inventory. This is because as a business selling may goods, they must have a stock of items they deal in. This is what outs off many aspiring business entrepreneurs.

You also should buy goods in bulk if the stock that you intend to sell on eBay. However, this should only happen if the goods are storable, that is they are not perishable and do not lose market value fast. This is also best because buying in bulk will entitle you to discounts and other services like delivery.

Starting an internet business:

Literally, there are thousands of internet business opportunities on the internet. You n=must however be wary of scams, illegitimate businesses and scams. You must conduct an extensive research before starting an online business. AS far as investment is concerned, one should never take any business idea lightly.

Internet businesses, just like other businesses present limitless earning potential as long as you invest enough ideas, time and hard work. People also fail to realize that even an internet business require a certain amount of initial expenses and investment, just like any other business.

Offering work from home services:

You can start up an online business that offers services to other businesses or even the local community. This is one sector of online investment that many business entrepreneurs often overlook. You can then charge these businesses for the services or collect revenue from advertising and affiliate work. Other business ideas that you should consider exploring include creating website portals for businesses, creating help websites to show directions and services to direct people where to find landmarks and other businesses.

Whatever business you choose to start, advertising will be very important. Every internet business' success is determined by the traffic it gets. The traffic in turn translates to either sales or advertisements clicks which generate income. You must be very aggressive in advertising, promotion and updating your business website or blog. There are plenty of free advertising on the web but they often take longer to yield results. You should therefore consider paid advertisements if you need faster results and greater exposure.

Home Business Idea And Resource - Online Media Offers A Goldmine Of Opportunity Today

If you want a home business idea and resource, there are many places today to find these. No matter what way or method of making money from home you want, you can find info on how to get rich online. Here are some important resources to help you get rich fast from the opportunities that the internet offers.

First of all, probably the most important point to make is that there are so many resources today that claim they offer the best home based business ideas for making money from home, and many people simply give up because they get so information overloaded. Quite simply, if you want to make money with your own information products, by selling physical products by either drop sipping or stocking them yourself, make money with Google adsense, sell affiliate products, network marketing, multi level marketing, etc, you can find info on it online.

In most of the sales letters selling you this stuff, the writers claim they have been quietly been making millions in a certain home business industry for a long time, and are just now coming out and revealing what they've done. Keep in mind, be very careful who you get your information from online.

Very simply, most internet marketers running around teaching other people how to make money with their home based internet business don't have a clue how to do so themselves. In fact, they only make all their money by teaching others how to make money. Again, be very wary of who you get your info from online.

Here's the most important step to making money online; having a system in place. For this, simply pick out a way to start profiting from the internet. It really doesn't matter what it is. Whether you want to make money with affiliate products, your own products, being a traffic middleman, etc, you can do so online.

The most important thing is that you pick something and get started with it. Don't go back and forth trying to decide which opportunity or resource to get started with; the truth is, you can make a ton of money from many different ways on the internet, and there really is no one best way.

Many people are making millions in a variety of different niches, and you could certainly be next. The most important thing is just to make a decision and stick with it. Again, there are many home business ideas and resources available, so finding out how to make money with anything you want really isn't very challenging today.

Once you know what you want to do, now simply find somebody who's already successful with it and model their success. There are many people who are willing to teach you how to make money online, and finding these people really isn't difficult.

This is by far the fastest way to start profiting and get rich fast from online media, because when you learn from somebody whose ready doing it successfully, you don't have to go out and make all the same mistakes they did yourself. Hopefully this info will help you to start profiting with your home business idea and resource quickly, and achieve the life of financial freedom and independence that you deserve.

Home Business Ideas and Opportunities

If you want to work from home there are many home business opportunities that you can explore. Since the Internet explosion many people have found incredible ways to work from home.

Popular home business ideas include affiliate marketing, niche marketing, web design, free lance writing, medical transcription to name a few and some have even retained their present employment doing their work at home.

Before you make the decision to start a home based business, ask yourself a few questions.

Do you have self-discipline and self-motivation? Are you well organized? Are you going to be comfortable setting and keeping you own business schedule?

Do you have a vision of what you want your business to do for your life and your lifestyle? Can you then set goals and plan step by step as to how you will achieve these goals and realize your vision?

Even the best home internet business won't prove successful if you don't have the personality to work from home. With the best skills and strong desires, a home business also requires a great deal of self-motivation, organization and self-discipline.

The best home based business you will ever have is one you know and love. Combining your skills, your experience, your joys and passion into a home based business is the best way to develop a thriving and satisfying entrepreneurship.

For some that is easy. To use a personal example, my wife writes poetry and it come very easy to her. Her passion is birds and she can write an article about birds or birding very quickly and without much apparent effort. Many like her seem to be born with a talent that can be developed into a profitable endeavor. Some of us, even with considerable education, aren't so lucky. So what about us?

If you don't have any ideas, there are tons of ways to help you make a decision.

Searching online is one of the best ways to determine what business ideas are most popular. There are hundreds of sites by companies looking for people to sell their products. There are also many sites dedicated to listing the most popular home business ideas. Both of these are good ways to learn what is and is not going to sell online. The objective is to choose a concept that you will enjoy and one that you are really welling to work at.

The Big Difference Between Running A Business And Having A Job

Everyday I see people so excited about building their own business and talking about it on Facebook and Twitter. Their excitement inspires me! Their ambition encourages me!But sadly, many will never make the money they are dreaming about.

Many gather on phone lines every single day planning and 'masterminding' together about how rich they are going to get. They have dream boards that cover the entire wall of their office and they already know what clothes they are going to wear on that cruise they're planning.

Sadly, very few will ever get to their cruise, let alone a small boat.

Before it sounds like I'm raining on your parade, my heart and my passion is to cut through the thick schemes and plans that exist online. The kind that gets everyone super excited and motivated, but quite frankly, don't ever help anyone to make any money.

Being excited and motivated is not what puts money in the bank, keeps your doors open or pays the bills. Good old fashioned hard work does. But for some reason, that has become a four letter word.

Work is a privilege and it's an honor. Unfortunately, many people have a warped view of work. I don't know when it happened but teenagers don't grow up dreaming about working hard and making a great life for themselves anymore. People whine about not having enough money, or they whine about having too many hours at work. We've come to the place where those who work hard and succeed are oftentimes even judged and discredited.

My personal mission includes restoring the work ethic and rebuilding fallen walls in many homes. My desire is to see young men and women grow up with a goal of hard work and the accomplishments it brings, such as a house paid for, a car bought with cash and a debt free lifestyle.

Entrepreneurship is one of the paths to creating such a lifestyle. So, let's talk about the topic of owning your own business. What really makes the difference when it comes to building a business and working a job? Is there a difference and can it affect your business building efforts on a daily basis?

Here are five things that you must have in place to build a thriving business-

#1- Building a business demands that you have your time and your life managed. An out of control life cannot build a thriving business, ever. You might be able to fake it for awhile but it will never generate the profits you deserve. Get control of your time and your life and your business will follow.

A business requires hours of operation, a set marketing plan and a commitment to bring value to the marketplace, every single day. As a business owner you will own your time and you do have more flexibility, but don't buy into the nonsense that says you can work whenever you want to. This is a poverty mindset and is rooted in laziness. A real business owner isn't looking for an escape from work. They desire to be the best they can be every single day at their workplace, especially when they are the CEO.

The most successful business owners are not those who dream of never having to work again, it's those who have to actually discipline themselves when to not work. Typically, working is an enjoyment for them and they get a rush of out creating a result. But an out of control life and schedule can't thrive for very long. So be sure you're committed to the long term of your business goals and not just the excitement of 'making a sale'.

#2- Building a business requires focus. Distraction, restlessness and the inability to focus will destroy your business building efforts. There will be days when you'll have to shift between three things in one hour, and people will be looking to you for answers. Are you prepared to do whatever it takes to gain more focus?

A business owner can't use personal issues or any excuse as a reason to not be 100% on game every single day. As a professional athlete is committed to their goal, a business owner must also have a rare commitment that doesn't look for opportunity to shrink back.

Focus is the result of a good diet, enough sleep and plenty of fresh air and exercise. A wise business owner will look at these key factors as being as important as getting the best write-offs they can on their taxes. These are critical ingredients in a long term, low stress, and highly rewarding business.

#3- Building a thriving business requires a plan. When I was bodybuilding I had a workout schedule. Every day of the month mapped out- which days we did arms, which day we beat up the legs, when to do cardio and fat burning, when to cut back on carbs and when to stack up on protein. This is the same mindset and action that a business demands. A plan that is written out and executed.

A plan will save you the drama of trying to make decisions when 'play' calls your name and you know you should be working. It will help you to take the time off you deserve and never feel one ounce of guilt. Create your plan, it is an absolute requirement for business.

Having a plan, however, is not enough. A business that is thriving is moving forward, is always one step ahead of the competition and implements as quickly as they plan. All out massive action is normal mode of operation.

#4-Building a profitable business requires a mentor. Every professional athlete, musician and expert who has gone beyond the norm in any capacity can usually be traced to one common thread- mentorship. When you build a business, you are going to hit some hard roads, stumble a few times, lose money and earn a fortune all in the same year! A mentor gives you a sounding board, a point of reference and experience in which to trust.

The single biggest factor and key to my success in life is related to mentorship. I currently have two mentors I regularly work with for business- Kevin Hogan and MaryEllen Tribby. My spiritual life is thriving and strong because of a spiritual life mentor I work with every few months. These people are ambassadors for truth in my life. Being able to see myself, my business and where I am at accurately takes more than just a mirror. Mentors in my life give me a confidence that doesn't exist without them. It protects against horrific mistakes, and propels me forward at a rate that working solo could never accomplish.

Find a mentor who has done what you want to do, and has done it over and over again. Make yourself accountable to your mentor. Do not work with mentors who seek to control, dominate and dictate to you. CLUE: If they sound like the "Alpha" and demand you answer, "Ma'am and Sir" it might be a good idea to find a new one. Find a mentor you feel safe with, who inspires but also pushes you forward. Find one who can give tough love without entitlement or abuse.

A thriving business requires a mentor. Having a great mentor is usually one of the single biggest factors in most companies where the business owner is soaring with momentum!

#5- A business cannot be built with an option to fail. It cannot even be a thought. It demands that you always move forward, always improve, celebrate every success and learn from every mistake. Quitting can never, ever be an option in the mind of one building a business. As soon as it becomes an option, the door is now open for failure.

Many in our current generation no longer esteem marriage as sacred. Commitment is no longer esteemed, sacrifice and hard work are now seen as workaholism. While I do reject the notion of working 90 hrs per week, this one thing is true: If you are going to build a thriving profitable 6 or 7 figure business- it is WORK. There are going to be days and even hours when you feel like throwing in the towel. But the big difference between those who are making money in a recession, through trials and troubles, and those who are not is this- one didn't quit or give up.

If you leave the door open in marriage to give yourself an exit, you'll gravitate towards that door anytime things get the least bit challenging. The same holds true in business. Leave a door open for quitting and you will SURELY find an exit.

A thriving business is a big commitment and it's a big deal.

It's not for everyone and it's not easy. But this one thing is true- it could pay you more money, change your heart and the way you think, more than anything in life ever could. My life has been personally transformed and changed inside and out because of my businesses. My mistakes in business nearly killed me.... and it was in business that I found a mentor and the true love of God, that completely changed me.

Building a business and being an employee are very different.

To best describe how I see the utmost challenge of business I'll share one of my favorite sayings from the movie "Alice In Wonderland". Near the end of the movie, the White Queen gives Alice these words of wisdom:

"You cannot live your life to please others. The choice must be yours. Because when you step out to face that creature..... you must step out alone."

I pass these words onto you as well.

There will be victories in business, if you choose to move forward each and everyday, that will never be experienced in a role as an employee. There will be new challenges and new goals to chase that you could never encounter if you remain in a job. And...... there are new heights for you, you alone, to reach as a thriving successful business owner, that only business itself can teach you.

If you will stay committed, find a mentor, build a plan, stay focused, manage your life and never, ever quit.... you could end up living a life that is beyond anything you've ever imagined.

My dream is to help you fulfill your goal. It doesn't matter to me, quite honestly, if you build a business... or if you don't. But this one thing does matter to me enormously.... that if you were designed to build a business, impact the world and bring your blessing to those who need you... yet you never made a firm enough decision to do so, this bothers me more than anything.

Dreams that are never reached because of indecision will haunt you for a lifetime. Make a decision today. Either way. Make a decision and then live it out, with all you have!

Business Success - It's All About You

As a business coach and mentor over the past 15 years, I have seen many business owners get caught in the cycle of overworking, in their pursuit of a great idea matched with guts, hard work and determination. But often the result is simply under- earning, even as they stop along the way to chase "gurus" believing that they will show them the way and things will finally click.

Looking outside for a "cure all" or a "quick fix" only leads to continued frustration for business owners because without looking inward at the things that stand in the way of success, the same situations show up repeatedly. The key to success for each of us lies within ourselves.

If you are committed to building a great business and bringing the key elements of success to the surface, you need to adapt these 15 strategies into your business and personal life.

1. Realize It's All About You

Your business is a reflection of you. It is a container for our own rich spirits, talents, gifts and energy. It also contains your issues, blocks and attitudes. What we experience in our business is a mirrored image of the values, beliefs and images we hold within. In this way your business is all about you and can only get as big as you are, no more and no less. You may want to blame the economy, lack of money, busy-ness...yet to grow your business you must be willing to work both on the inner game (seeing yourself clearly and clearing beliefs that keep you stuck ) as well as, the outer game of action and technical know-how (knowing what to do and doing it). Once we recognize that the difficulties and limitations in our business (and our lives) are reflections of our own patterns, we have a powerful tool to change patterns and to create what we truly want.

2. Grow Yourself

A client once said, "Having a business is the best personal development course you'll ever take." This is very true. If you want to grow your business, all the marketing systems, secrets and strategies in the world won't help you unless you first grow yourself. For example, if you have a belief that you have to work 16-hour days in order to be successful, then you will end up working 16-hour days. And you may or may not be successful. If your leadership style is disrespectful of team members and customers then the energy of the business will reflect this. Only second-rate team members will be attracted as you will only attract people who are OK being disrespected and not appreciated. Your business will only achieve a fraction of what is possible. Your style and level of development sets the tone for your entire organization. Everything is reflected back to you multiplied, exaggerated and often dramatized. This means, if you want your business to change, if you want your team to change, if you want your results to change... It all starts with you. Many people work on growing the business, their teams, and sales, yet leave out the most important factor in the entire equation -you.

3. Get Out of Your Own Way

One of the biggest obstacles most of us have is that we get in our own way. It is as if we are driving down the road to success with one foot on the gas and the other one on the brake. We don't do it on purpose or get up in the morning and say, "How can I sabotage my success today?"

It looks different for each of us, even from day to day. Sometimes it may be just being too busy to do the things we know we need to do. It could also be fear. This, too, could show up in many ways.

We may be afraid we are not good enough, so we procrastinate or become overwhelmed at the thought of doing the task. A personal favorite of mine was the fear of being wrong, so I played it safe and limited myself to things I already knew I could do well.

Clutter is another way we slow ourselves down. Besides the physical difficulty it causes, clutter can also weigh us down subconsciously. Marie, a small businesswoman, was pitching clients to increase business. But no one was signing on with her. After a brief discussion it was obvious that she was exasperated; I could feel this in just a short phone conversation. When I asked Marie to describe her office, she told me about the piles of files on her desk, projects on the credenza and other items on the floor, plus the spillover into her personal space. The piles represented unfinished business; work that she knew she needed to do but could not get around to doing.

When she would visit new prospects she would say the right words to solicit their business, but energetically she was saying, "Please, don't hire me! I can't handle what I have; I don't have any space to take on additional work!" After several days of completing outstanding projects, not only did she clean up but also achieved a sense of peace. As a bonus, she noticed that several prospects to whom she had pitched earlier called to hire her. Coincidence? When we get out of our own way, major things happen.

4. Focus on What You Do Best

As an entrepreneur you wear many hats, but some don't fit or may clash with your personality. Too often I see small business owners or solopreneurs fretting incessantly about sending out invoices, following up with clients, or marketing. This constant worry drains their energy and keeps them from focusing on the parts of the business they do well.

Rather than trying to be all things to all people, it is better to focus on your strengths and become an outsourcing expert for the rest. Do what you do best and delegate the rest.

5. Define Success

What does success mean to you? In a world with so many coulds, shoulds and wants, how do you know if you are successful? Many clients have found that until they take the time to define success for themselves, it tends to be defined for them -- and often not to their benefit. When you live by someone else's definition, you may feel boxed in, un-empowered, as if you have no choices. You end up chasing goals that aren't yours, and although you might achieve things you thought would make you feel successful, you find that something is still missing. You don't feel any different than you did before.

Define what success means to you and you'll notice a tug to make changes in your life, both significant and small. You'll have a better idea of what you really want to do, deep down inside. By defining success on your terms, you'll release yourself from priorities that are not relevant and be free to enjoy life completely.

6. Be Responsible

In the syndicated comic strip Frank and Ernest, two bums are sitting along a wall talking with each other. One says to the other, "Do you believe in fate?" The other replies, "Sure. I'd hate to think I turned out like this because of something I had control over."

You have control and you are responsible for everything that shows up in your life. If you believe that someone or something else is the cause of whatever is happening, you are choosing to be a victim. Look at the word responsibility: response-ability; the ability to choose your response. Recognize this responsibility. Don't blame circumstances or conditions. It all comes down to your choices.

The good news is that since you are solely responsible, you can make changes. You don't have to be stuck in a bad relationship, a dead-end job, fear, or whatever is not working for you. Owning your behaviors allows you to see what makes you unhappy and gives you the opportunity to change it. Taking responsibility for your behaviors and actions, thoughts and beliefs is empowering and one of the simplest ways to make lasting changes. You are the creator of your life.

7. Become Conscious

Other than when sleeping in bed at night, aren't we already conscious? Not always. Too often we operate at a level below sensitive awareness. We go through life never stopping to think about what we are doing or why. We get up in the morning, turn on autopilot and let it take us through the day. We react to whatever comes our way, overlooking many choices available to us.

Mark's pattern was to see the world as a dichotomy. He would unconsciously put things in one of two categories: black/white good/bad, either/or, yes/no. For him there was never an option in between. Although he knew something was not working in his life, it wasn't until he could objectively see this pattern and associated beliefs that he could accept that other options do exist. With this new consciousness many choices suddenly became available to him.

Linda struggled to increase her business and make it profitable. She became aware that she did not value herself and would under-price her services or even give them away. Her unconscious pattern of unworthiness led her to believe that no one would actually pay for what she had to offer. As she began to clear these beliefs and patterns her profits grew; and more importantly, she began to do the work that before she had only dreamed of doing.

To become conscious is to become aware. When we are present with our mind, body and spirit we accept responsibility for the choices we make and move from being victims of situations and circumstances to self-actualized human beings.

8. Get a New Perspective

"We can't solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them," said Albert Einstein. Knowledge and understanding is limited to one's own experience. We see things through our own story and beliefs and are oblivious to other possibilities.

Any decisions we make from this vantage point are always through old paradigms. We continue to do the same things over and over, making the same mistakes and wondering why things never change or get better for us.

It takes courage to go beyond our limited perception to see that which we believe to be true is only true for us. From another perspective things look different. For example, the idea that the sun rises in the east and sets in the west is only true from our perspective on earth. From space the sun always shines. Both versions are true only from their respective vantage point. As you move beyond the limits of your own perspective, possibilities emerge and a new world opens.

9. Build Community

You are never alone. Everything is in contact with other things, which connect to more things, like an interconnected web. Nothing and no one exists independently. If such a thing did exist then it would be incapable of change.

It is a common misconception that the end of development is independence. Each of us is a living link in the chain that binds us all together. Only with an attitude of cooperation and communication are we able to produce viable results, come up with creative ideas, and create what we want.

Through cooperative endeavors community is made. As a part of the chain, every one of your gifts will shine and the joy and pleasure that may have been lost will be restored to you. Each individual becomes part of a giant mosaic of endless possibilities.

10. Get a Life

When you expect your work to provide meaning and fulfillment it ends up being a desperate search for something that can not be found there -- a life. Your work is not your life! You are more than what you do. You are the sum of your parts, only one of which is work.

Too often work becomes our identity and we put off the rest of our life. As a work-centered culture, we have lost touch with ourselves. We skip lunch, conduct business while in our cars and at our kids' soccer games, and are always connected, even on vacation. We perceive we have no choices and consequently feel like victims. In realty, we are using work to avoid other things.

When this happens we feel trapped in circumstances of our own making. Busy-ness, procrastination, crisis, drama, struggle -- these are all ways of avoiding things that we would rather not deal with. Choice and responsibility are keys to creating the lives we want.

11. Keep It Simple

Life is simple. We are the ones who make it complicated. There is a difference between effort and struggle. Consider nature... it puts forth effort in sustaining itself, but does not struggle. It just is. Living requires effort. Running a business involves a certain amount of effort. Struggle, however, is optional. It is a battle we fight with ourselves.

What is struggle to one person is gentle effort to another. Struggle is mixed with fear, anxiety and worry and comes from what we believe about a situation or event, not from the event itself. What you believe, consciously or unconsciously, creates your reality.

"Change the way you look at things and the things you look at change," said Wayne Dyer. As you begin to take responsibility and accept that you create your life, you can move beyond the struggle toward an inner calm. Life was never meant to be a struggle.

12. Be Kind

We've all heard our mothers tell us to be kind. I interpreted this to mean to be kind to others. And while this is important and certainly makes it easier for everyone to get along, there's another point of view to consider.

Be kind to yourself. Most of us beat ourselves up mercilessly. The way we talk to and treat ourselves would cause anyone else to run away. So why do we think it's okay to act toward ourselves that way? Value yourself as you would a dear friend or family member. Do not judge, criticize or beat yourself up, even in your thoughts. In addition, take care of yourself and your needs. If you are constantly taking care of others at your expense, then you are mistreating yourself.

13. Accept What Is

If your life is about wanting for the future instead of living now you will end up with a life filled with a lot of wanting and very little living. Life is here, now. It is not going to happen one day when all the stars in the sky magically align, your business takes off, or everything in your life is working out perfectly. Life becomes easier and more enjoyable as we accept what is happening and showing up right now -- even if you do not want it, like it, or enjoy it.

Recently, someone had put in an offer to buy our house. Since it had been on the market for a few months, we were excited. A few days later however, they pulled their offer and we were back at square one. While we were disappointed in the turn of events, it really had no other impact. My choice was about aligning with what was actually happening rather than trying to control and manipulate the events. This is more than just positive thinking; it is truly accepting things and having no expectations. It is attachment to expectations that cause our hurt, pain and disappointment. As we move toward acceptance, each day is ours to enjoy regardless of outside circumstances.

14. Find Your Own Answers

Sometimes it seems easier to look outside of ourselves for answers, to rely on words from others or stories we tell ourselves based on external factors rather than facts. The problem is that these external answers don't bring us closer to our truth. More than likely, they drive us farther away. Seeking answers requires patience and awareness; everyone has a unique way of finding them.

My job as a coach and mentor is to help individuals find their own answers in a way that brings them closer to their truth. And even if your answers don't agree with the experts, know that while they may be an expert on certain things only you are the expert on you. Consider all the pioneers, inventors and explorers who were all told they were wrong and that what they wanted to do was impossible. Only you know what's best for you; be willing to ask the hard questions of yourself and listen carefully to the answers.

15. Go With the Flow

Everyone today is busy. We are conditioned to being busy and wear it like a badge of honor. People overload themselves with unimportant tasks or commitments, most of which have little benefit. Being busy is different than doing. Doing has a sense of purpose, a feeling that something is happening, even if you can't see it yet. Busy is doing a lot but never getting a sense of accomplishment. Many people are addicted to busy and spend their days never doing anything.

Being busy is also an excuse for poor performance or to ignore parts of life or business that require attention. Many people mistakenly believe that busy means important. Busy really means out of control, frenetic and unorganized.

The other choice is flow, a unique state of mind where productivity and creativity are at their highest. Flow happens when you are fully present and engaged in what you are doing, where time melts away in a commitment to the goal-oriented activity. Admit that you cannot do everything and devote your time to what's most important. You will have room to be focused and enthralled.

Some of these tips may be familiar to you while others may challenge your paradigms. Each one has the potential to change your life within as well as without. No matter how many goals we achieve, or how much success we have, if we don't change what's on the inside, the outside is never enough. Use the tips and techniques daily to achieve success in your business and your life.

Why Are You Waiting to Start Your Business?

For most first-time entrepreneurs, there is a considerable lag of time between thinking about starting a business and actually taking the first steps toward turning a business idea into reality. This time is usually spent rationalizing inaction -- that is, thinking about all the reasons that now is not the ideal time for a startup. For the most part, these justifications fall into one or more categories:

  • Lack of Time
  • Lack of Money
  • Lack of Product or Service Idea
  • Concerns About Security
  • Concerns About Personality, Knowledge and Skills
  • Not Knowing Where to Start
 While these are all valid concerns, none are factors beyond your own control. As one management expert once said, an entrepreneur "...doesn't see risks; he sees only factors he can control to his advantage." Each and every excuse you can think of to resist taking the plunge into entrepreneurship is just that -- an excuse. If you are serious about working for yourself and building your idea into a successful company, there is a way to start on that road immediately. Working obstacles into opportunities is a basic skill of successful entrepreneurs, and now is a good time to start honing those habits.


Lack of time is a common reason for delaying the startup of a business idea. For some, there just isn't any time today to work on the business idea. For others, the thought of taking months, or even a year, to start a business seems overwhelming and too far off. Instead, many potential entrepreneurs put off planning their business idea until they will have enough time. The problem is that life has a funny way of never leaving us with enough time to do everything we need to do! The trick to getting started with your business idea now is to organize your time effectively.

Many potential entrepreneurs have a great business idea or two but can't find the time to develop these ideas into an actual business. This is particularly true for those who work full-time for someone else and have significant personal and family obligations. The reality is that with a little effective time management and commitment you can find at least a few hours per week to work on your startup. Many of you are thinking, "Sure, I could find a few hours a week, but it would take a year to get my business off the ground at that rate!"

So what???

The year will pass whether you work on your business idea or not, but by scheduling just 3 hours per week, you will have put in nearly ONE FULL MONTH of work hours by the end of that year! For most business ideas, a full month of work is enough time to complete just about everything that needs to be done to launch!

The trick to getting started on your business idea with limited time available is to organize your time and responsibilities effectively. Use a daily planner to schedule all of your current commitments, along with time dedicated to your startup. Plan for which part of your startup you will work on during each work session, including clear objectives. That is, identify the specific tasks you will accomplish during each startup session and hold yourself accountable for getting those tasks completed on schedule.

Try using a 90-day planning strategy for managing long-term goals. For most people, it is difficult to accurately predict how much can be accomplished within a full year from today. It is far easier to estimate what can realistically be accomplished within a 90-day window. If you can spare 3 hours per week to work on your business, a 90-day plan would include the work you think you could accomplish in one full workweek (3 hours x 12.5 weeks = 37.5 hours).

Just remember, time will go by whether or not you move forward with your business idea. Don't wait any longer for your independence -- get started today!


Lack of money is, by far, the most common argument for not starting a business. Obviously, business ideas vary in the amount of capital required to successfully launch, but most can be modified and bootstrapped into manageable startup costs. Most first-time entrepreneurs develop an "order of magnitude" estimate of how much they think they need to start their business, based on nothing more than general ideas of what the big things should cost. Without detailed research and planning of your business idea, there is no way to gauge whether the cost of startup is too much. In addition, it is far easier to raise the capital you do need once you have thoroughly planned all aspects of your idea. A well-thought out idea and accurate financial projections will convince potential family and friend investors, and perhaps the SBA, that you are serious about succeeding.

Even if you work through your idea and find that you are unable to finance the full startup, you will find it much easier to modify and bootstrap your idea into smaller, less costly niches that you can ultimately grow into the company you imagine. You can start out part-time, barter with other small business owners for needed goods and services, or pick up side consulting gigs to increase income during the early stages. The internet provides significant opportunities for free marketing -- it takes a little more time and effort than paid advertising, but can be extremely effective over the long run in building your brand and customer base. Once you know where you need to spend money to get your business off the ground, it is far easier to find the places to bootstrap.

Of the companies included in the 2008 Inc. 5000, 87% were funded, at least in part, by the owners themselves. The median amount of capital spent to launch these companies was $25,000 -- that means half of those 5000 successful companies were started with less than 25K. A bootstrapped startup of $5,000 or less is very common, and most people can raise 5K with a little motivation. Cut your spending, sell some stuff on eBay, do some side jobs, whatever it takes, there is always a way to get started without a major outside investment. By starting your business with an eye toward conserving cash, you will develop a culture of financial responsibility that will ensure your business's long-term growth and success.

Friends and family are the second most popular source of funding for startups (after self-funding). In order to protect and separate the business and personal relationship, it is important to follow basic business principles in making deals with those close to you. Negotiate all the terms, set a clear repayment schedule, and memorialize your agreement in writing. There are companies available who will service your family and friends loans, for a fee, which can be a great option if you and your lender would prefer an intermediary to handle any potential problems or disputes regarding the investment.

Another new avenue to raising capital for your startup is through social lending websites. These sites allow you to post your request for loans along with a description of the purpose and the interest rate you are willing to pay. Interested users pledge their own funds toward your loan in increments from $50 to your full requested amount. You repay these lenders through the website. This can be a great option if you have limited access to your own capital. Peer-to-peer lending is gaining in popularity, which also means there are some kinks to work out. Be sure to check into any lending site you consider before you commit.

Bank loans are very difficult to secure for startups. Generally, the only way to use the bank's cash for startup is to personally guarantee the loan, usually with collateral. The SBA offers a number of excellent startup financing programs which require a full formal business plan and good personal credit. Of course, these loans take a significant amount of time and effort to secure, so if your startup expenses are relatively low, you may be better off scraping together your own cash and looking to friends and family for the rest.

Angel investors and venture capitalists are often touted as the ideal route to funding a startup. The reality is that very few companies are funded at startup through either Angels or VCs, the competition is very stiff, and you must be willing to give up significant control and ownership, in most cases. Generally, both Angels and VCs are looking for quick and enormous returns on their investments and are far more inclined to be second round investors -- on board after the R&D and grunt work is complete, and all that is needed is cash to send the company to the stars. The process for most VCs is long and tedious, and very few of those seeking capital actually get funded. If you are selected, you will give up most of your ownership stake in your business and be expected to heed the advice of the professionals that come with the money. However, if your idea is one that fits the VC profile, destined for overwhelming success, you will likely be willing to make those trade-offs for the cash your company needs to succeed.

Whatever your startup plans, there is a way to get started, with or without outside financing. It is critically important that you work through your business idea in detail, including all planning and financial projections, before you reject your idea because of lack of money. The more you plan, the better able you are to see ways to bootstrap by starting smaller, cutting expenses, and exploiting opportunities that will allow your business to get off the ground.


Many potential entrepreneurs are excited by the idea of starting a business, but do not have a particular product or service in mind on which to base a business. Currently, the most popular advice is to select something you are "passionate" about, and build a business around that. The theory behind this advice is that you will be more dedicated and committed to a business that involves something that you love. The flipside of this advice is that involving yourself in that activity 60 hours per week may take some of the joy away -- a pastime that was a great escape from the grind suddenly becomes the grind. For some, this choice is obvious, and you have probably considered turning your hobby into a business for a long time. For others, especially if you are still unsure about what business idea you should pursue, the chances are that you don't have a passion that you want to turn in to a business. This is not an indication that you should not become an entrepreneur. In fact, many extremely successful entrepreneurs couldn't care less what type of business they are in, as long as they can control the factors that make it successful!

If you fall into the "whatever business will work" category, your first order of business is to identify needs that must be filled, or new needs that can be created. How do you do this? Pay attention! Everywhere you go, everything you do, keep an eye out for problems people have and brainstorm potential solutions. Keep a pad of paper with you and write down every idea you come up with. The reality is that just about everyone could come up with at least ten business ideas right now if desperate enough. Think about what you are good at, jobs you think you would enjoy, things your friends and neighbors complain about, improvements on products or services that could save time or money. Consider the market you are most interested in targeting -- what do they do? How can it be done better? What product or service do they need that they don't even know they need yet? Include ridiculous and impossible ideas. The act of writing down even outrageous ideas can enhance creativity and out-of-the-box thinking, eventually leading you to a business idea that is viable and fits you.

If you have trouble getting started, surf the web for lists of business ideas, scan startup magazines at the grocery store, and talk to your friends and neighbors about your desire to start your own business. There are many, many business ideas that can be developed into successful companies. If you are determined to work for yourself, finding the right business idea is a minor obstacle. Of course, it's hard to argue with "doing what you love" -- just remember that the reality of owning your own business requires the bulk of your focus to be on the business side. Most successful entrepreneurs will tell you that the right set of business skills can make any business idea enjoyable and profitable. As long as you are willing to put in the time and commitment to learn everything you can about your business, you will succeed.


Many potential entrepreneurs who are on the fence about whether to launch their own business are concerned about the perceived lack of security and high risk involved in going out on their own. There is a common belief that working for others is more secure than working for yourself because of the "guaranteed" paycheck. As the recent economy is showing us, working for others is no guarantee of job security! One in ten of your peers are currently unemployed, and the job market is going to get worse before it gets better.

Working for yourself is often considered "risky" by non-entrepreneurs, but most business owners don't see it that way. Instead, entrepreneurs see every factor as within their control and as an opportunity to build their business into a successful company. With your own business, you are in complete control of the direction of your business, you decide how and when to market, you manage all the finances, and you make the final decisions about every aspect of growing and developing your idea. While it's true that any failures are your responsibility, business ownership tends to drive entrepreneurs to pay closer attention to the details and factors that drive success or failure, and have far more incentive to pick themselves up when they slip and try again.

The primary factors in reducing the risk in any startup are good planning, efficient marketing, and solid financial management. Good planning does not mean throwing together a basic business plan using a ready-made outline. Rather, you need to completely flesh out your business idea, considering all relevant factors from your business name to target market to expenses. Efficient marketing begins with a complete understanding of who you are trying to reach and how your product or service will grab their attention.

With the ever-changing marketplace, it is more important than ever to research and understand the various marketing options available and establish procedures for ensuring your business is getting the best return for your marketing dollar. Financial management of the business is often a struggle for new entrepreneurs. Owning a business is all about turning a profit, regardless of the type of business you choose. It is critical for new business owners to select the right accounting system (not necessarily the most popular) that will allow you to accurately evaluate the financial health of your startup, and to understand the basics of evaluating the numbers on a regular basis.

If you are working a full-time job now and are reticent to give up that steady paycheck, consider starting your business part-time. As mentioned in the earlier, working on your idea just three hours per week for one year is equivalent to taking one full work month to focus on your startup. In addition, starting your business while still employed eases the financial pressures inherent in startups. By tightening up your personal expenses, many entrepreneurs may be able to launch their business without any outside investment. At a minimum, completing all of your business planning while working will make it clear whether working for yourself will be successful enough to support you financially and how much capital you will need on hand to survive those first few months.

One side note -- some potential entrepreneurs worry that if they start a business and it fails, then all of their personal assets (house, savings, etc.) will be at risk. The primary avenue for protecting yourself from that possibility is to organize your business as an LLC or corporation and to make the effort to keep your business compliant. Basically, this entails keeping all personal and business records completely separate, filing all required paperwork and fees with the state on time, and maintaining accurate records of your business entity. In addition, new business owners should avoid providing a personal guarantee to any lenders or suppliers, if possible. Business failure does not necessarily mean a devastation of your personal assets as long as you plan from the start to protect and separate your business and personal worlds.

The slow economy and tight job market make this an excellent time to start up your own business. By planning your company conservatively enough to survive this economy, you will develop a culture of careful spending, efficient marketing, and consistent oversight that will prepare your company for explosive growth once the economy bounces back.

Personality, Knowledge & Skills

Some potential entrepreneurs worry that they do not have the right personality, knowledge, or skills to successfully launch and run their own business. While certain traits are generally associated with the entrepreneurial spirit, there is nothing magic about owning a business -- anyone with the desire can learn what they need to know.

The personality traits that non-entrepreneurs generally associate with entrepreneurs are that they are extreme risk-takers, are very outgoing, have no fear of failure, and have a high tolerance for uncertainty. While it seems, at first consideration, that these traits might be required for taking the chance on your own startup, they are not. All different types of people have successful companies, the trick is to use your own traits to your advantage. If you do not see yourself as a risk-taker, you are likely to put more time and effort into planning each facet of your business idea, researching and comparing options to find the best avenue to reach your business goals. If you are an introvert, you can choose a business model that allows you to work independently, add key personnel to handle public appearances, and practice your networking skills in smaller, controlled environments.

A healthy fear of failure is an excellent motivator, as long as you don't allow yourself knee-jerk reactions to setbacks. For many successful entrepreneurs, the fear of failure translates into the drive to succeed. Changing your mind about how you channel your fears can be a critical factor in the success of your business idea. A low tolerance for uncertainty is often reflected, again, in careful planning as well as close attention to the financial management of the startup. In reality, some of these presumed "entrepreneurial traits" can be a real disadvantage to a new business owner. If you have no fear of risk or failure, you are far more likely to take uncalculated risks that are far more likely to put your success in jeopardy.

Most business responsibilities fall into two broad categories -- operations and business. Operations refers to what your business actually does -- makes and delivers pizza, trains construction managers, publishes a sports magazine, etc. The business side refers to the tasks that must be handled for all businesses -- accounting, marketing, customer service, etc. Entrepreneurs tend to be very strong in one area or the other, but often not both. Those who choose a business idea because it is something they are passionate about usually have the operations under control but worry about handling the business side of the equation. Even if you are "doing what you love," the whole point of business ownership is to turn a profit. It is critical to understand how to handle the money and to equip yourself with the right tools to make financial management of your startup as accurate and straightforward as possible.

In addition to basic accounting skills, an entrepreneur must be familiar with research and planning, marketing, and dealing with customers and, in most cases, employees. None of these skills are particularly difficult, but those with little or no experience will need to take the time to understand and master these areas in order to drive their business to success. For those who have a particular business idea but have limited knowledge of the actual operations, you can take classes, work in the industry to learn the ropes, or hire key personnel with the experience your business needs. Whatever skills you lack to successfully startup your dream business, a little time and dedicated effort can get you where you need to be.

Where to Start?

Congratulations! You have eliminated all the usual excuses for not getting started on your new business.....now what? Figuring out where to start in developing your business idea is a major stumbling block for most first-time entrepreneurs. The available advice is all over the place and often lists "business requirements" without telling you how, when, or why to do them. Simply registering your business and posting a website is not enough, and the available fill-in-the-blank business plan templates do not tell you how to dig into the details of your startup or what you should be looking for.

For every business idea, the first order of business is to actually plan your business. Merely writing down your business idea and throwing together unjustified numbers for projected financials is not a plan. Rather, you need to thoroughly define your product, identify your target market and how to reach them, determine all legal requirements, and develop solid, justifiable financial projections before you can decide whether your business idea is viable. In addition, you need to develop a complete marketing plan, from the role, design, and SEO of your website (yes, your business must have a website!) to the best routes for reaching your market through paid advertising to the role of networking in developing your business.

Quite a bit of effort goes in to a well-developed plan, but the experience will leave you completely prepared for managing your business once it is up, running, and making money. Your well-developed plan will provide you a roadmap for where your business is going and how to get there. In addition, if you will need outside investment to launch your startup, all of this research will easily develop into your formal business plan and will clearly show that you have done your homework and know your business inside and out.

With your completed plan, you will know whether you can finance the startup yourself or will need outside investment. If you can fund it yourself, the next steps are to execute the plan and open for business! Then, your responsibilities shift to the actual operations, managing employees, overseeing the financials, and planning for growth.  

There is a lot to starting your own business, but the independence and flexibility that comes with entrepreneurship is well worth the effort. The process is not as complex as it seems, and the keys to success are easy to remember -- Planning, Marketing and Financial Management. If you begin your business with these factors in mind, you will greatly reduce your risk and greatly increase your odds of success.